Bluehost Review 2021: Top 7 Unknown Truth About Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the most popular and, at the same time, most cheap web hosts on the market. Utah-based Bluehost arrive on the scene in 2003 which then emerged as one of the leading providers of web hosting services. Now it’s presently owned by The Endurance International Group (EIG), which also owns competitor HostGator. Bluehost currently powers greater than two million websites worldwide, specifically out of its data center in Utah. In this Bluehost web hosting review, we take a look at what’s below the hood, how precise the platform is, and whether it’s the right solution for your next website project. Go to signup for Bluehost and look around.



General Info About BlueHost Hosting

  • Bluehost has grown to be one of the most effective hosting companies, especially for WordPress sites, over the years.
  • Only looking at their homepage and all of the various items that Bluehost provides displays a lot about why it has so many fans. To begin with, Bluehost gives an extensive range of hosting services beyond basic website hosting.
  • Second, their prices are extremely reasonable. In addition, you can get a range of free incentives. This reduces the common price of launching a website significantly compared to what you will have to pay for the competition.
  • But first, let’s go back to the beginning. Here is the range of hosting options available from Bluehost, consisting of one that is probably to be the most frequent amongst users.


What are the top 7 Unknown Truths about Bluehost?

Top seven points which I think you should be aware of before you get a subscription with Bluehost that are:

1) Pricing Structure:

  • Bluehost’s standard pricing begins at $3.95/month, which is a discount from the current $8.99/month rate.

  • The good news is that we were capable to negotiate a deal with Bluehost for our readers that reduces the starting price even more to $2.75/month.

  • You get almost everything you want for a single website for this amount. This consists of 50 GB of SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, and many other benefits. As a result, you’d be getting a decent deal for the price, as well as their constant uptime and page loading speeds.

  • Even, the cheapest option also has a few conditions that we don’t agree with – but more on that later.

2) Built for WordPress: The fact that any of the Bluehost plans are highly compatible with WordPress so if you are using WordPress it’s going to make life a lot simpler for you they make it very convenient to make a copy of your WordPress site and put this into a website staging environment so that you can make changes and see how they will seem to be on the copied version before you transfer these changes to the live version and any other perk of the use of your Bluehost package for your WordPress site is that you get 24/7 access to WordPress support whether this is through tickets a live chat or a phone call this can be a very helpful thing.

 3) Beginner-Friendly & Free Site Migration:

  • The whole layout of Bluehost is extremely easy to understand which makes it very beginner-friendly everything is laid out in such a way that even if you are new to web hosting it is not going to seem too complicated. When you’re logged in there are minimal different sections and menus and everything looks clearly labeled and fairly self-explanatory. So if you’re new to all of this and you don’t want to get overwhelmed or caught up with any complications then Bluehost could be the option for you.

  • If you are a WordPress user since within 30 days of activating your Bluehost subscription they provide you the option of a free migration service so that you can move your WordPress website from your existing hosting company over to your Bluehost account now this is a provider which most agencies would cost for and they don’t just migrate it for you and then leave it. You have access to check it all over and make sure that everything’s working before it goes live.

4) Page Loading Speed is quite fast (697ms):

  • “As the load time of the web page which extends from 1s to 3s, then a chance of bounce rate will also increase  by 32%”

  • This means that your tourists are 32% more possibly to abandon your site. And it only gets worse when the page takes a lot of time to load.

  • Furthermore, Google is shifting its focus to mobile-first indexing. This means that your site needs to also be designed for mobile users, or you will lose traffic.

  • In any case, a slow website almost usually means less traffic and, as a result, lower sales figures. So, after uptime, page loading time is the second most essential factor that can make or break the success of your website.

5) Fully Loaded with Security Features & Options:

  • Bluehost not only one of the “cheapest” options on the market but also maintain their essential safety options and functionality.

  • Bluehost consists of free SSL certificates with even the most basic package. You also get a free CDN (Cloudflare), a one-click WordPress installation, various CMS integrations, and additional eCommerce plugins.

  • The Spam Experts add-on, domain privacy security, and server backups are protected in higher-tier plans. Since you also get more enhanced security features, such as Sitelock, which supports the prevention of malware attacks.

  • Another form of security is Codeguard, which offers regular backups so you can repair previous versions of a site if it is hacked.

  • Postini from google not only protects your e-mail from spam but also preventing something suspicious from reaching your inbox.

6) 24/7 Customer Support:

  • Bluehost offers live chat, internet, and e-mail ticketing assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Furthermore, they have a large expertise base full of responses to frequently asked questions and valuable information.

  • We tried out their live chat option, and it used to be a good experience.

  • We received immediate responses to our questions, and the representative was professional. Sure, some replies seemed to be copied and pasted, however, the follow-up questions elicited improvised and useful responses.

7) They provide a 30-day Money Back Guarantee:

  • Bluehost has a 30-day money-back guarantee for all web hosting plans.

  • You have to test the service to see if it works for you and request a refund if you are not fully satisfied.

  • According to Bluehost terms, here is what does and doesn’t come under the assurance:

  • Refunds are only available for web hosting costs, now not for other items such as domains or different add-ons.

  • Bluehost will subtract $15.99 if you got a free domain name as part of your plan.

  • After 30 days, Bluehost does not refund any of your requests.

  • It isn’t exactly a no-questions-asked approach, as we’ve viewed from some hosts. Before you go for a signup, make sure you agree on these points.

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Types of Hosting and Features

Bluehost provides six different types of hosting: Shared, Shared WordPress, WooCommerce, VPS, Managed WordPress, and Dedicated. As you can see below the list of details of each type in our Bluehost pricing review, but generally, you can assume the differences like this:

  1. Shared: the most inexpensive and easiest general service.
  2. Shared WordPress: the cheapest and best way to host a WordPress site.
  3. WooCommerce: the easiest way to host an online store with WordPress.
  4. VPS: not as costly as dedicated hosting, and still precise for business websites that need to go beyond the basics.
  5. Managed WordPress: even more features for your hosted WordPress website.
  6. Dedicated: the most expensive, but also the most effective web hosting service.

Bluehost Pros:

  1. Dependable server uptime: Bluehost gives a super-competitive uptime guarantee of 99.98%.

  2. WordPress integration: Nothing will be more than simpler just built a WordPress site through Bluehost.

  3. Budget-level pricing: prices are still competitive even after the first year, and a range of tiered pricing plans means there’s an affordable option for every site.

Bluehost Cons:

  1. Additional costs: tons of optional add-ons will sneak into your cart at checkout, and it’s up to you to uncheck those items before you buy anything.

  2. Storage: Bluehost offers a small quantity of storage on its Basic plan compared to competitors.

Do we Recommend Bluehost?

  • Yes, of course, Since Bluehost has performed marginally better in the past, however, they continue to provide dependable service with reasonable server speeds. They also provide strong protection, an excellent money-back guarantee, a plethora of user-friendly applications, and various levels of hosting packages suitable for various customers. With our exclusive discount, the monthly price begins at $2.75.
  • According to my opinion, I’ve personally been hosting one of my viral websites on Bluehost for a while. Now and I get thousands of visitors to that site every day and I have not noticed any issues at all when it comes to speed. So all in all Bluehost is my number one recommendation when it comes to web hosting especially if you’re using WordPress. Not only is it easy and very beginner-friendly however it also has a lot of beneficial features even for the more experienced user.
  • If you find a lot of hassle with another hosting company then you can switch to Bluehost think again because with their migration service they make it so simple you just set up the account and they do the rest so for you.
  • The main two reasons why I recommend it and also the reason why WordPress themselves recommend it is because of the easy integration to WordPress and obviously because of the nice low costs and remember whichever package you choose you’ll always be getting a good deal because Bluehost always keep their prices very affordable but it’s worth by using the link that you can see below will take you to the cheapest possible price which is on discount price.
  • However, Bluehost is not without flaws. Renewal prices for hosting plans can skyrocket after the initial signup cycle, and the cheapest package deal has some important limitations as compared to the next levels.
  • Bluehost, on the other hand, gives ample output and a good price for money.

 So, I hope this content has helped you to make any decisions about web hosting which can seem like a pretty daunting thing if you don’t know what you’re doing. So, I like to think that this would have cleared up some of your questions if you have any more don’t hesitate to drop a comment down below.



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